Lauren, 27

Favorite Place? Paris

Bucket List Destination? Istanbul

Go-To Drink? Margarita

Best Travel Tip? Travel may seem out of reach in your twenties when money is tight, but learn to use credit wisely+ get a credit card that rewards you to make travel possible.


We're Lauren + Kelda, two twenty-something sisters from Seattle with a passion for traveling. We started this account to share our tips, tricks, and travels on where to go, what to do, and how to manage your money to get there. We're dual citizens who have traveled to 22 countries, 18 U.S. states, and counting! Follow us as we explore the world and show you how to travel in coach, in style. 

Who is HENRY? 

Hippies. WASPs. Baby Boomers. Yuppies. Millennials. For decades, marketing firms, retailers and economists have grouped consumers into categories based on age, income, lifestyle and hundreds of other distinguishing characteristics. In recent years, HENRY's have become the target customer base for retailers and the most important market for the financial services industry. A HENRY is classified as a millennial with High Earning potential, but who is Not Rich Yet.


Kelda, 24

Favorite Place? Israel + Palestine

Bucket List Destination? Cape Town, South Africa

Go-To Drink? Semi-Sweet Cider

Best Travel Tip? Don't be too specific in your destination and dates when you start searching. If you're able to be flexible you'll find incredible travel deals!