Who is HENRY?

Hippies. WASPs. Baby Boomers. Yuppies. Millennials. For decades, marketing firms, retailers and economists have grouped consumers into categories based on age, income, lifestyle and hundreds of other distinguishing characteristics. In recent years, HENRY's have become the target customer base for retailers and the most important market for the financial services industry. A HENRY is classified as a millennial with High Earning potential, but who is Not Rich Yet.

I was inspired to start this blog for the HENRY's, my twenty-something peers who want to make smart financial decisions, while still enjoying all of the fun and adventure that life has to offer. I strongly believe that our twenties are the most important decade for our financial future, but that financial resources that are relevant to our lifestyle and our dreams are few and far between. I aim to be that resource. I am by no means an expert, but I am extremely passionate about using personal finance as a tool to living your best and happiest life. This is my journey toward financial freedom and literacy and I am so excited to share it with you!